Carl Taylor

Dust Science doesn’t release records just because the people behind it love the music other people call techno.

No, we have an obsession with this music, a compulsive need to return to its rhythm of life. It is that innate, in-born connection with rhythm which we share with Carl Taylor and which makes him the ideal artist for our label. Forget fashion.

Dust Science’s records are part of the endless call-and-response between people, machines and rhythm itself and Carl’s slab of plastic is a perfect example of this. His father was a soul DJ, filling the house with the metronomic sounds of what was then cutting-edge, high tech dance music and connecting Carl with the legacy of black music from birth. In a sense, Carl’s contribution to the river of electronic dance music was his destiny; if you grow up surrounded by funk, get your own decks at 14 and your first (Roland) synth at 16, then you are the inheritor of an immense fund of dancefloor knowledge which is bound to translate into thoroughly modern, yet deeply rooted, music.

Carl’s a classic tale of northern British techno, of crossing the divide between black and white culture, Europe and America, machine-made and organic music. But it would all count for nothing without his talent. Carl has been picking up plaudits from the likes of Andy Weatherall, Laurent Garnier, Funk D’Void and Ashley Beedle because he doesn’t just make quality techno that turns night clubs into parties. He doesn’t just make minimal, jacking techno and electro that’s still packed with personality and emotion. It’s because he makes music that is invested with the deep, over-powering wisdom of the beat. It is just these qualities that will mark out Dust Science’s releases: it is music that you don’t just love, but which obsesses you.

Releases Featuring Carl Taylor