Simplex EP

by Carl Taylor

Release Date: 23rd May 2005
Release Format: 12inch Vinyl and Digital

No tracklist available

Carl Taylor dishes up a multi-dimensional EP which weaves large slabs of Northern Electronic Soul with funked-up booty movers and heads-inside-out, no-nonsense techno.

The title cut brings back the deep sound of South Yorkshire darkside machine music, waging war on the big club mentality. Dust’s home town has forgotten its own history in favour of empty, chrome-plated platitudes; with this tune, we fight back.

System 23 provide a remix aimed squarely at the dance floor, and it’s clear they couldn’t care less about techno moaners, injecting some furious fun into DJ sets.

Who Is In Control piles on thundering kicks inspired by the sound of the drop hammers at the now derelict ForgeMaster steel mill, articulating the nightmare of machines taking as the individual seeks escape from both human pettiness and android contact. Kooky Trax 2 closes the EP with scattering drum patterns, glitched out bass and analog textures from the wrong side of a trip.

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