DS Warehouse Trax 2

by Carl Taylor

Release Date: 4th October 2010
Release Format: Digital

No tracklist available

DS Warehouse Trax 1 was so successful that we asked Carl to continue with the project and produce us another EP.

He didn’t disappoint, but then he never does. Utilising a solid bedrock of bleeps, bass and beats the end result is raw, live and jacking, just as Sheffield techno should be. All that remains is for you to get your head down and submit.

As with all of Carl’s Warehouse Trax: 100% Live. No Edits. All tracks were created using the Akai MPC 2000XL sequencer / drum machine and Waldorf Blofeld Synthesiser. Patterns were created inside the MPC and the sequence was then jammed live using the MPC ‘pad mute’ system to bring elements in and out.

Early Press & Feedback

“Raging, rowdy, floor-ready techno from the heart of the steel city”
9/10 Recommended, IDJ (November 2010)

“Bleepin delight”
CIAN Ó CÍOBHÁIN – 110th Street / ‘an Taobh Tuathail’ On RTE Anocht FM (National – Ireland)

Radio play for “DS32”
DAVE CLARKE – White Noise – 2FM (Dublin, Ireland) / 3Voor12 (Holland) / Studio Brussel (Belgium)

“Solid techno – love it”

“DS31 and DS32 are cool, banging old skool style”
CHRIS FINKE – Atomic Jam / Flux (Uk)

“Thanks for this, DS32 is an absolute banger. Proper old-school hard techno. DS31 has a nice jackin’ Chicago acid vibe to it as well.”
JAMIE BEHAN – Bastardo Electrico / Subject Detroit / Projekt Radio (Podcast) / Global FM (Cork) / RedFM.IE (Ireland)

“Raw as f**k hardware rave techno. Big fan. Will definitely be playing this stuff out.”
JOSHU DOHERTY – Posthuman / Agent Rave Cru / Balkan Vinyl

“I Love DS31 and will be playing that… nice bleepy jacking groove, thanks!”
LEE HOLMAN – Escalators / No Territory / XFM Dublin (Ireland)

“Solid styles as ever from Mr Taylor, good to hear him back… Heavy jack on DS31 – full support.”
OWAIN K – ADSR MUSIC (Cardiff, Wales)

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