About Dust Science

A Very Brief History
Dust Science was originally formed by a collective of Sheffield based musicians, artists and designers to present new music from emerging and existing talents alike.

Ken Downie, the original member of The Black Dog, was initially approached to contribute a release for the fledgling label. It soon became apparent that he actually had new collaborators among the label’s team – Martin and Richard Dust. The end result of this new Black Dog line-up was the EP “Bite Thee Back”, which launched the label Dust Science Recordings in 2005. This was quickly followed by a raft of releases from a wide range of other artists.

After more than a decade in existence, surviving all of the music industry turmoil, including bankrupt distributors, the death and rebirth of vinyl, and the rapid shift to digital services, Ken, Martin and Richard continue to create music as The Black Dog and maintain the Dust Science label. These days, it’s more of a personal project, focusing on the work from the band themselves and their associated projects, including Application and Dadavistic Orchestra.

Buy and Stream Our Music
You can buy directly from us via DustStore.com and Bandcamp or you can find our stuff at most major retailers including the big digital services like Spotify, iTunes and Amazon.

Distribution & Wholesale
All of our products, both physical and digital, are exclusively distributed by Kompakt based in Cologne, Germany. If you are looking to stock our products, then drop them a email with your requirements:

CD and Vinyl – [email protected]
Digital – [email protected]

Licencing and Other Uses
If you have any questions about licensing or using tracks from the Dust Science catalogue, then get in touch via the contact form. We don’t (usually) bite.