Electronic Dissident

by Claude Young

Release Date: 21st February 2005
Release Format: 12inch Vinyl and Digital

No tracklist available

Claude Young shows exactly why he’s a top-tier techno artist with this fantastic record which could well be the finest record of his career.

Not that Dust gives a flying one about careers or the industry, but this tune is such an anthem for us that we can’t believe it won’t be seen as one of the landmark releases of 2005. For Young has taken the well-worn “Metropolis” blueprint for techno and injected it with much-needed vigour and emotion.

An involving, pulsating intro gives way to shuddering tribal percussion and vast square-wave bass that make the dancefloor take off in all kinds of unexpected directions. It has all the string-driven Detroit soul you’d hope for, but it’s also infectious and energising, causing involuntary hip-wiggling and shape-throwing. This isn’t techno like it used to be; while it’s utterly in touch with the currents that once made techno so vital, and comfortably fits into techno sets, it takes its own magnificent path to disko heaven. It’s just a wicked record and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

The Dust-ed, re-born Black Dog complement the muscular beauty of the original with an evil ziggurat of dark electrofunk. A surprise and a delight, the Dog collective distil every ounce of their transcendent expertise into supercharged gamelan breaks and disorientating melodic ear-candy. The result is sharp, controlled, and devastating, with the Black Dog marauding dancehalls, spitting flames, and flicking Vs.

Closing track Hamburg By Night is heathen electronica that will cheer you up, not put you to sleep. Obviously evocative of neon cityscapes, the song effortlessly transports the listener through imaginary architecture without ever descending into a dull cerebral exercise. Instead it’s a rare outing for ambient gamelan funk.