Digital Collection Volume 1

by Various Artists

Release Date: 15th January 2007
Release Format: Digital

No tracklist available

The “Digital Collection” series are digital-only compilations giving eveyone a chance to catch-up on the current singles from Dust Science.

Volume 1 features the first three releases from Dust Science collected into a single digital only release, including classic cuts from The Black Dog, Fred Giannelli and Carl Taylor.

1. The Black Dog – 4 3s 777
2. The Black Dog – Bite Back
3. The Black Dog – Invoke
4. The Black Dog – Evoke
5. Fred Giannelli – Distant Gratification
6. Fred Giannelli – Delirious
7. Fred Giannelli – Prescience
8. Carl Taylor – Simplex
9. Carl Taylor – Simplex (Machine Edit By System 23)
10. Carl Taylor – Who Is In Control?
11. Carl Taylor – Kooky Trax 2

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