Dan Curtin

Dan Curtin has been the DJ’s friend for many years, delivering an arsenal of sonic weapons that have cemented his reputation as one of the finest talents in techno.

“Deep” is a much abused term but it’s amply justified in Curtin’s case: his productions exude authority and emotional richness while being capable of dancefloor devastation. Famed for being, literally, a star-gazer – back home in Cleveland he was inspired by the night sky, via both telescope and the naked eye – his main early influence was hip-hop, which continues to inform his tough, funky beats.

Early releases on Detroit’s now defunct 33 RPM Records and Belgium’s Buzz Records presaged the launch of his own, prolific, label, Metamorphic Recordings. Lauded for his releases innovation and power, he went on to work with labels as diverse as New York’s legendary Strictly Rhythm, England’s Peacefrog and Japan’s Sublime Records, releasing dozens of twelves and five albums. A dedicated DJ of tough, soulful techno that stimulates the mind as it rocks the body, Curtin is adept at finding new directions in electronic music and Dust Science is proud to welcome him to our label.

Releases Featuring Dan Curtin