Anthony Shakir

This is yet another proud moment for Dust as we again reveal the uncanny connection between Detroit and Sheffield. For, the man we call “the godfather of techno” is finally in our grasp and the tunes are devestating.

Anthony Shakir  universally known as “Shake” – has had a huge influence on the development of Detroit techno and is a genuine originator of the form. He’s been making electronic music since 1981 and was a key player in the city’s landmark label Metroplex. His place in techno history is assured since not only did he produce, write and engineer many early tracks with Derrick May and Carl Craig, but played a key role at Metroplex in its early phases, running A&R and label management.

As an artist, Shake has been a top-flight techno player for years & right back to Virgin’s seminal Techno Sound of Detroit compilation, on which his ‘Sequence 10’ appeared. And as the techno cognoscenti know, he’s still on it, and is now running the famous Frictional label, as well as partnering with former Aux 88 man Keith Tucker on the Puzzlebox label. Being both a believer in the redemptive power of techno and a purist, he has consistently refused to dilute his sound and remains committed to delivering hard, stripped down, yet eminently funky Detroit grooves.