by The Black Dog

Release Date: 19th September 2005
Release Format: CD and Digital

No tracklist available

The black dog is the spectral animal that haunts secret esoteric places. It is a vast mythic figure in English folklore. So too, on the evidence of “Silenced”, is The Black Dog: a figure of immense stature within electronic music, The Black Dog has an unparalleled ability to transport, surprise and entrance, and its mythic status will be reinforced by this album.

While The Black Dog has always been an important entity, it has not always been well served by the industry to which it has been leashed or indeed bitten. In contrast Dust is proud to conjoin The Black Dog’s angular genius with its musical dedication. Giving complete freedom to great artists such as The Black Dog is the sort of project Dust was made for.

“Silenced” represents a considerable achievement. We shall not look back on The Black Dog’s startlingly influential back catalogue: suffice to say that “Silenced” compares with those monumental recordings. This album will therefore be a huge treat for The Black Dog’s legions of  fans, while also representing an entry point for the uncommitted souls. Lush, tuneful and inspired, it contains all the bewildering evocation expected of a Black Dog record, yet it also expresses itself with new-found vigour and purpose. “Silenced” transports, yet it also grooves, and repeated plays yield an ever deepening sense of other-worldliness. It is un-nerving but beautiful. Dust Science is proud to present The Black Dog: “Silenced”.

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