Remote Viewing

by The Black Dog

Release Date: 19th September 2005
Release Format: 12inch Vinyl and Digital

No tracklist available

The Black Dog’s Remote Viewing 12″ provides another taste of the excellent forthcoming album, Silenced and demonstrates the renewed vigour.

Vengeful intent seeps from every pore of this beast’s hide: the music surges out in undulating waves of syncopated bass and eastern ornamentation. But Remote Viewing reaches beyond funk bluster to deliver a northern electronic soul climax; we think it’s a killer tune.

B-side “Because They Said So” is Sheffield industrial funk played through an 8K rig over a Cornish landscape on a misty dawn. It’s awash with evolving synthetic breaks which are utterly hypnotic, but never static; they can be savage too. Closing cut Mr Burroughs to the Curiosity Phone is the soundtrack to a particularly seedy episode from uncle Bill’s sojourn in Algiers. It’s a delicious slice of sly, slow-motion electronic funk.

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