Ov Mind, Ov Magick

by The Black Dog

Release Date: 27th April 2009
Release Format: CDr

No tracklist available

This is the recording of The Black Dog’s ambient live set from BEMF, Bozar and we’re pretty pleased with the results. Only two small sections had to edited out to ensure that it fitted on a CDr, so the total runtime is 73 minutes.

We’ve also ended up making up 110 units as we forgot to turn off the special offer on our website and a few more people put orders in, so rather than disappoint we’ve add 10 more units to the original 100. We hope you lot don’t mind.

Many thanks to all the people that mailed in offering money, kit, wife/girlfriend to try and get a copy but we’ll have to turn you down, sorry. Many thanks to all those who have supported us live and purchased things from Duststore, it really does help us pay the rent and continue to spend our time making music rather than doing something we’d rather not.

BEMF, Bozar Tracklist:
1. Ov Mind
2. Kissing Someone Elses D.O.G
3. Bolt 33 Glitch & Chin
4. Biomantric L-if-E
5. Mental Ward Sleep Machine (Beatless Version)
6. 4 3s 555 [Part 2]
7. Beep
8. Witches Ov
9. Lam Vril
10. Stempel (Edit)
11. Ov Magick (unreleased)
12. They Came In The Night (unreleased)
13. Later Vexations (Fragments)
14. Skin Clock
15. Tunnels Ov Set
16. Dada Mindstab
17. Siiiipher (Reworked From Bass Soldier Forgemaster Remix)
18. Short Wave Lies
19. We Are Haunted
20. CCTV Nation

Limited Edition – SOLD OUT

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