Muggerscum Out

by Surgeon

Release Date: 25th April 2011
Release Format: 10inch Vinyl

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Exclusive limited 10″ vinyl enclosed in a Black & White printed sleeve. Pressed on 10″ Clear vinyl with a one colour label and strictly limited to 150 units only.

“It took us about 10 seconds to decide which track we wanted to remix when Soma asked us to take part in celebrating 20 years of Soma Records. Muggerscum Out, no doubt about that!

We’re big fans of Surgeon’s work and have a large collection of his work at our studio, so the offer of a chance to go in and rework a track was all we needed.

With only WAV files to work with, we reconstructed all the track parts and sampled as much out of the originals as we possibly could. The plan was always to jam the track live over midi-linked machines and to stay faithful to the original groove. To help we also reconstructed Coaster.

The results of 3 live sessions where recorded, analysed and dissected. From this we found sections and parts that we liked, reconstructed again and the results are presented here on this release.” – tBd