Digital Collection Volume 2

by Various Artists

Release Date: 16th January 2007
Release Format: Digital [dustvdigi002]

No tracklist available

The “Digital Collection” series are digital-only compilations giving eveyone a chance to catch-up on the current singles from Dust Science.

Cutting across all genre’s, from Detroit to Sheffield and back again. Dust Science presents 12 cuts from their archive, from old hands like Shake, Shawn and Dan and new artists like System 23.

1. Anthony Shakir – The Random Hustle
2. Anthony Shakir – Function Electric
3. Anthony Shakir – Dub In Fuzztone
4. Shawn Rudiman – Second Is First
5. Shawn Rudiman – She Don’t Deserve My Hate
6. Shawn Rudiman – Time and Focus
7. System 23 – One More Line
8. System 23 – Peaker
9. System 23 – Exit
10. Dan Curtin – Shining
11. Dan Curtin – Tromp
12. Dan Curtin – Shining In Dub

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