Second Is First

by Shawn Rudiman

Release Date: 1st July 2005
Release Format: 12inch Vinyl and Digital [dustv006]

No tracklist available

Shawn Rudiman’s already famous for delivering awesome, deep crowd-pleasers for 7th City, Hypervinyl and Technoir, as well as turning in fearsome performances live, and with this EP he cements his reputation for crafting superior-quality, multi-dimensional 4-4.

The main cut Second is First just screams quality and will be a favourite among darker house DJs as well as the techno cognoscenti. It’s ideal for getting big rooms moving because its wobbly, blunted Miami stylings simply seduce crowds. Spooky samples, massive dark bass and oodles of hooks are blended to create a gorgeous subterranean groove. A killer track and definitely a good record to have in the box.

The B-side maintains the quality level, She Don’t Deserve My Hate making good on the promises made on the lusher side of Chicago. The medium tempo and meditational feel is preserved, but delicate electro shadings emerge among some of the finest analogue sweeps you’ll hear this year. As European as its American in flavour, it’s idle way of lulling dancers onto and off the floor. Time And Focus offers a chugging, uptempo groover that will drive many different sorts of sets.

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