In My Head

by Shawn Rudiman

Release Date: 21st November 2007
Release Format: 12inch Vinyl and Digital [dustv015]

No tracklist available

Shawn Rudiman’s second release on Dust Science, In My Head, demonstrates his profound grasp of groove with three powerful cuts.

The lead track is a pumping slice of urgent but lush deepness, with achingly gripping synth washes and counterpoint bleeps. Utterly unafraid to pull in dancers with sharp hooks and syncopated percussion, and featuring a mind-mangling vocal sample, this is a bit of a dance floor scorcher.

LifeDub is welcome up-beat slice of funky techno with one of the most infectious riffs we’ve heard in a while. This one will work on the way up, in peak time, and on the way down, and it’s both tracky enough and tuneful enough to be a great mixing tool anywhere in the set. Through The Dark is a classic tribal growler that builds slowly into a bittersweet disco-tinged bounce. It’s delicious, and is a wonderful combination of hard and soft.

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