Shawn Rudiman

Shawn Rudiman has a knack for writing ear-nagging, feet-moving hooks that elevate his records far above the techno norm. He has a talent for building mind-bombs, assembling rhythm and sound that pulse, divide and combine, demanding that you dance.

An electro veteran whose favourite records include both Kraftwerk’s “Computer World” and Portishead’s “Dummy”, Rudiman can make dark, twisted techno both listenable and sexy. He conveys all the slamming, distorted muscularity one could want, but it is arranged to make a swirling disco mirror-ball, rather than a crashing steel shutter. He possesses a full measure of Detroit’s lyricism and articulacy, yet he can also deliver evil freak bass. Shawn Rudiman is something of a techno treasure.

Rudiman has excellent form, having released a string of superb tracks on Hypervinyl Records, which he ran with Trevor Combee, and rapidly attracted the attention of Dan Bell. He is now well known for releases on Bell’s 7th City label. He has since started a new label, Technoir Audio, with Juan Allen. Plus he has now released two EPs on Dust Science. But he can do it live too, with fluid sets that neatly erase the DJ / live band division. Anthony “Shake” Shakir says Rudiman is “one of the best live PAs I’ve ever seen.”

Much of his live skill stems from his deep history in electronic body music, electro and industrial, having spent ten years playing all round the world in EBM outfit THD, with whom he released four albums and countless remixes in both the US and Europe. On the way he picked up an arsenal of exquisitely devastating analogue technology as well as an innate sense of how to move the dance floor. His sets are almost totally improvised, but are more focused and intense than most DJ sets. It’s a privilege to have him on Dust Science.

Releases Featuring Shawn Rudiman